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Student services are a part of a total education for employment program. Student services refers to those services necessary to support education for employment efforts apart from administration and in addition to instruction.  These services are designed to address individual student needs to enable them to succeed in instructional programs, to make the transition from the educational setting to the workplace or to further work related education, and to meet the special needs of specific populations.

The function of the Student Services Committee is to strengthen programs and services within each area and to assure that students’ needs are being met throughout the education for employment region.  This information is intended to assist in the development of a strong, viable Student Services Committee.

The role of a regional Student Services Committee is:

  • To ensure that student services in a region are articulated in and among all levels of education for employment
  • To identify the needs for student services.
  • To facilitate the delivery of student services.
  • To evaluate the delivery of student services in a region.
  • To coordinate related services with other delivery systems.

2023-2024 Student Services Committee Meeting Dates

  •  October 26, 2023

  • December 8, 2023

  • April 19, 2024





Brimfield High School Melissa Ross
Dunlap High School  Celia Love
Elmwood High School  Janelle Meyers
Farmington High School  Emily Haynes
Illinois Valley High School Laura Davis & Mark Kosinski
Peoria Heights High School Shanna Beard
Princeville High School Sara Bushman
Manual Academy Courtney Lee
Peoria High School  Paula Webb
Richwoods High School Mike McKenna
Woodrff Career & Tech Center Arnold Spiker